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The Transtar, LLC companies consist of a group of rail carriers that grew up over the years to meet the transportation needs of the steel making facilities that were the predecessors of today's United States Steel Corporation. Historically, the Transtar, LLC companies were the wholly-owned transportation subsidiaries of United States Steel Corporation. In December 1988, as part of a financial restructuring, these transportation companies were acquired by the new holding company, Transtar, LLC. Transtar, LLC, in turn, is owned by United States Steel Corporation.

These transportation companies today move raw materials, such as iron ore, coal, coke and limestone; provide in-plant transportation and movement of semifinished steel as necessary to the steel making process; and move finished product to destination. The Transtar, LLC companies are some of the pre-eminent movers and transloaders of bulk commodities in the country, carrying large volumes of ore and coal from mining areas to ultimate users.

A number of the Transtar, LLC companies date back more than 100 years; for instance, a predecessor of the Gary Railway Company dates back to 1887. These companies have adapted to the changing needs of our customers over the years, and today provide efficient, cost-effective transportation that helps the customers we serve to remain cost-competitive in their markets.

Geographically, the Transtar, LLC companies are located throughout middle America, from Pittsburgh's Monongahela Valley on the East to the greater Chicago metropolitan area on the West; to Alabama's steel making center in the South. The headquarters for the holding company, Transtar, LLC., which also serves as the operating headquarters for the Union Railroad, is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


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