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John. Pranaitis President and Chief Executive Officer

Transtar and its operating companies deliver a comprehensive spectrum of highly-reliable transportation and logistics services in an atmosphere that encourages employee involvement, innovation, and ethical behavior while continually improving our safety performance, our environmental stewardship, and our commitment to quality. Transtar's services are designed and implemented to enhance its customers' performance, while sustaining Transtar profitability and providing a foundation for future growth. Customer quality assessment, continuous service refinement, and continuous productivity improvement drive Transtarís performance and provide value to its stakeholders.


Revised 08/01/11

It is the policy of Transtar to distinguish itself as the industry transportation leader by building value, being competitive, and providing best in class service to our customers. To achieve this, we must:

Make Safety
the first priority in the performance of tasks;

Continually Improve
processes and services through compliance to the Transtar Quality Management System;

the work force to be responsive and accountable by providing the necessary training, tools, skills, and motivation; and

Promote Effectiveness and Efficiency
through planned reviews of metrics and quality/service objectives aligned with the drivers of our business: Safety, Quality, Ethics, Diversity, Environmental Compliance, Customer Service, Productivity, and Profitability.

                        Malisa J. Sommers


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